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Jan. 1st, 2011 05:30 pm
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welcome to shadowplayers!

we're a fannish eyeshadow community. NO REALLY. work with us, here.

here's what we're doing:

  • making ourselves happy

  • merging our fannish and eyeshadow interests (or merging them *more*)

  • creating and following prompts

  • enacting that venerable fanwork tradition: fanshadowing (well, kind of newly coined, fine.)

we figure this is a mutant memetic offspring of cosplay, fanart, and meta. with (not to get too gooey) a decently sized chunk of self-affirmation and some rebuttal of impostor syndrome. we're not looking for approval, we're not anyone's decor; but that doesn't mean we might not want to create provoking visuals, to get a response, to be noticed, and to say something. even if only to each other. we don't think eyeshadow needs to be about attractiveness, or 'fixing' ourselves, and we'd like to slide it away from gender performance, and into artistic performance.

to that end! posting to the community can be protected or not, based on your level of comfort. we encourage photos, drawings, text descriptions, video tutorials, pictorial essays, meta.

what this is not: a cosmetics recommendations community. a push to spend money. a hot-or-not contest. constructive advice, if solicited by the poster, is cool. if not, do not tell participants how they could be "better" or "prettier" or "more presentable". that isn't the point. feel free to note what eyemakeup you are using, why you chose it, why you like or don't like it -- but that shouldn't be the point of your post, either. the point should be your creativity and the thought behind it.

we'll be posting a broad prompt every week, which we encourage everyone to try to meet, however they see it, with whatever they have on hand. we'll also have themes and calls for prompts, polls and challenges. i mean, come on: aren't you curious about what 'aliens made them do it' looks like in eyeshadow? aren't you curious about how awesome you can make it? what about your favorite fic, a song, a vid, a fandom, a screencap? interpretations can be literal or abstract, tenuous or exact. they can play off each other, draw inspiration from the world, from fandom, from canon, fanon, and other fanworks. they can reinforce and argue and rebut, reject and respond and transform. why the hell not, right?

so! consider this the soft launch of the community. please comment with any feedback! we want to put together a profile description and faq, but we also want to start things moving. our goal is to start prompts next week, so stay tuned, and feel free to post! membership is open for now, though that's open for comment. promote directly to anyone you feel might want to participate!
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